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Las Vegas Hotels - Save up to 50%

BUDGET for Gaming, Eating, Drinking, Entertainment etc.. The most important thing you can do is set a personal budget!

 Here’s a Tip: Discounted tickets, buy-one-get-one free tix, Players Comps, Hotel discounts are everywhere. You won’t need to pay full price for anything in Las Vegas. Do your Homework! Get the deals!

ATMs everywhere however they’ll charge you fee’s up to $7.95 per transaction. Do a Google search find a local ATM from one of the major banks; WellsFargo, BofA, etc. Don’t pay extra for your own money, chances are you will lose it all in the Casino so why lose your money + pay the fees!?

Budget and ATMs

Las Vegas Travel Tips and Planning

Las Vegas Travel Tips

We are Your Las Vegas Vacation Advisors! Need some planning tips? What to do with those paper slot tickets? Where to see twilight on the Strip?

You'll notice here on our website that we have tons of personal reviews of hotels, shows, restaurants and things to do in Las Vegas. We also have a full section on tips for traveling to Las Vegas (we've learned a lot over the last 10 trips)! So take a look around and enjoy! We'd love to hear from you anytime about questions you may have about your upcoming trip. If there are attractions not listed below that you would like to know more about please email us and we will be happy to find out more to answer your questions!

  • Keeping Hydrated
  • In Room Bottled Water
  • Rent A Car?
  • Taxis?
  • Uber or Lyft?
  • When can I get the best rates?
  • $20 Trick
  • Which Hotel has best location?

Las Vegas Travel Tips and Planning

Money Saving Tips
  • Stick to your Budget
  • ATM fees
Comfortable Clothes
  • Dress appropriately
  • Wear good shoes!
  • What are Casino Players Club cards?
  • Comps?

Time of year will definitely dictate what you need to wear and also activities you have planned.

Dress Comfortable

Receive Comps on Food, Beverages, Shopping, Rooms, etc! Make sure you sign up and use these cards to earn rewards/comp on purchases and game play! These are the two biggest Las Vegas ones as they own most of the casinos however, don’t forget to check out others such as Treasure Island, Tropicana, Venetian and others to see what special promotions they offer. Be sure to sign up online to save $ on your next trip if you’re a first time user!

Harrah’s & Caesar’s Hotel Casinos - Total Rewards

MGM Hotels and Casino’s - MLife

Casino Club Cards

Drink lots and lots of Water! Keep hydrated, the air is very dry and alcohol isn’t always the answer! You are in the desert and your body will feel it, not only in the summer heat but also in the winter months. Don’t just go and grab that bottle that looks complimentary I your room. It’s not free in most cases, however some are covered as complimentary in your resort fees.

Here’s a Tip: Grab a Uber/Lyft or drive a short distance to off strip shopping areas to find Water, Alcohol, Snacks etc to bring back to your room instead of paying high prices in Hotel Stores. There are plenty of convenient and grocery stores nearby, properties do not mind you bringing outside items into your room. Don’t shop on the Las Vegas Strip! There is also Premium Outlet Mall!

Keep Hydrated

No, let me state that again, No reason to take a cab.. Explore your options and shop around. Taxis are the most expensive option and you have to tip on top of the fare.

Getting Around Las Vegas

Here’s A Tip- Sometimes fee’s will cover some added benefits like ‘free spa access’ or ‘free paper’ or ‘free bottle of water’ in your room.

Here’s A Tip- Parking fees (MGM Properties) Link – Rip OFF - make sure you park at Total Rewards Hotel Casino’s or Uber/Lyft! IF you rent a car.. Plenty of ride share, tram, bus options to use and remove this from your budget all together!

Here’s A Tip- When you ask for a room or view upgrade be sure to slip them a $20 sometimes it’ll helps!! But play it cool, they’re used to it!

Rooms and Rates