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Slot Machines are King in Las Vegas but don’t be shy about walking up to the tables. Many casinos will even teach how you how to play the games.


Las Vegas is known around the world as the Gambling Mecca and has developed the mega-resort casino’s to attract some of the world’s richest as well as the everyday Joe’s looking to win a fortune. Biggest tip to offer anyone traveling to Las Vegas is to set a budget for yourself, don’t forget Las Vegas was built to be the place it is today from people losing not winning large fortunes. Slots and Video Poker always consume the largest part of the floor in every Casino and this is on purpose, slots and poker account for the highest game play in Las Vegas year after year, so the more of these type games you offer the more folks will drop their dollars into a slot or poker machine then pull up to a table game.   

2 New Trends coming soon to a Casino near you! Gearing up for the Millennial Generation who are not necessarily interested in Card Games, Slot Machines and Sportsbook gambling..  Skill Based Casino Games which can be found in a few select casino’s for testing and bigger trend coming quickly to Las Vegas E-Sports!

Here is the newest trend invading the greater Las Vegas area.. From what I have read and understand there will be some Sportsbooks that will begin taking live bets on eSports as well.. Wow what a change

Neonopolis in downtown Las Vegas to be home to Esports arena more..

Bye bye Lux Hello eSports Strip Arena!

The First - Downtown Grand Casino -

E-SPORTS now arriving LV 3 Card Poker

Caesar’s properties such as Paris, Flamingo and Planet Hollywood Casino’s seem to Always make sure to have at least 1-3 tables that have low $5 minimum bets for 3 Card Poker, Blackjack, Let It Ride, etc.. They know these are the more casual games played by most casual gamblers and do a great job to accommodate for those seeking the less intimidating low limit tables. Every visit to Vegas we’ve always been able to find at least 1-3 tables at these and other Caesar properties even on the busiest Friday and Saturday nights! AND you get great drink service as well at any of these 3 properties any day or time playing the tables. Only issue you may encounter is that no seats are available at these tables, but just wander and play some slots/video poker and a seat will certainly open up after a short while. On Friday and Saturday night’s you’ll typically find these tables in the areas known as ‘Pleasure Pits’ which include louder music, dealers dressing more sexy and of course ladies dancing above the Pit Boss stations for added entertainment.

$5 Tables on Fri and Sat nights? Las Vegas Sportsbook

The 3 best Sportsbooks that I have had the pleasure of booking sporting event wagers at have to be the following, in order!  The Wynn is just pure class and really does a great job of putting some of the best odds out there. You are just off the casino floor in this comfortable sportsbook and yet separated from all that noise. Enjoy your sport of choice at one of these and you won’t regret it one bit, Advantage has to go to MGM properties over Caesars there, with Bellagio and Mirage Sportsbooks, they definitely have spent the money here and make you enjoy the experience. Drink tickets are required to get drinks from the cocktail waitress’ at all 3 properties, all based upon how much you wager, so don’t just sit and watch the game they expect some money to be put down in order to get comped beverages.

1. Wynn Las Vegas, 2. Bellagio, 3. Mirage


First time we visited Las Vegas was in 2002 and it is amazing how Poker has exploded in popularity since then, it has cooled some but isn’t doesn’t appear to be dying off anytime soon. Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s you can still find locals on the strip trying to hustle out visitors thinking they can best these old timers from this classic game, only to lose it all and fly home empty handed. Back in these days Binion’s World Series Of Poker annual tournament had 300-500 entries and was typically held at Binion’s Casino downtown for a $1 mil 1st place prize.… now you have 3000-5000k+ per tournament signing up and cash prizes exceeding $5 mil for 1st place finishes.. There have been tv shows on ESPN and other channels making this one of the most popular casino games in the world. The locals and old timers in Las Vegas are moving off strip and back to the downtown casinos to have a quick stand-up game or tournament and avoid the tourist players.. And of course now all the Casino’s have their own Poker Rooms and in house daily tournaments due to the high demand of those famous and casual Joe’s.. You can contact your Casino to find out their tournament or cash game “Sit-N-Go” schedules as well as average buy-ins per game.

1. Wynn Las Vegas, 2. Bellagio, 3. Mirage

Poker and Poker Tournaments Las Vegas Poker

Planet Hollywood test marketing these new Skill Based casino games, I like the idea of making the games more interactive and engaging then pulling the handle or pushing a button. The game is less random then a slot or video poker game and you’re playing against others in a true interactive experience. I am a old time gamer fan and wish I could get paid to play video games… this is the next best thing!

Vital Vegas Blog article

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Gambit Poker Video of Gameplay by Vital Vegas @ Planet Hollywood only

MGM deploying a concept Skill-Based game - Frogger: Get Hoppin’ Casino Skill Game from Konami game at the LEVEL UP Lounge at the MGM Grand Video of Gameplay

Skill Based Casino Games Skill Based Gaming LV

Here’s a great article written by VegasFanBoy with more details from the Strip and Downtown